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Timing measurements on GIS
This application note discusses the use of DualGroundTM technology when conducting timing measurements on GIS breakers. The innovative method allows for accurate, safe and efficient testing of the circuit breaker compared to conventional timing.
Publicado: 14 noviembre 2018
Testing wind turbine lightning protection
The most significant danger facing wind turbines is damage from lightning strikes. Lightning faults cause more loss in wind turbine availability and production than the average fault. The number of failures due to lightning strikes is known to increase with tower height and a growing number of studies speculate that rotating wind turbines may be more susceptible to lightning strikes than stationary structures.
Publicado: 14 noviembre 2018
The “ART” of earth electrode testing - Megger DET3TC with ICLAMP option
The testing of earth systems has relied for many years on the tried and tested “Fall of Potential” and other related methods. These methods give reliable results, but can be time consuming. This paper looks at Megger's Attached Rod Technique as a new solution to the issue of earth testing.
Publicado: 14 noviembre 2018
The batteries that radar UPS systems depend on need regular testing to ensure that the skies stay safe
Batteries play a crucial role in ensuring that air traffic control systems around the world can continue to operate reliably and safely, even if there is a failure of the mains supply at the radar stations on which they rely. It is imperative, therefore, that those batteries should be maintained in good condition, with potential problems detected and remedied before they can develop into outright failures.
Publicado: 14 noviembre 2018
Testing three-phase systems
A three-phase system consists of three single phase AC supplies sharing its return path. This article looks at these systems and the ways to test them.
Publicado: 14 noviembre 2018
Testing wall mounted USB sockets
Everything you need to know about wall-mounted USB sockets and how to test them.
Publicado: 14 noviembre 2018
Testing on 110 V systems
110 V electrical systems are used in applications which call for extra safety, such as construction sites. This paper looks at how best to test these systems.
Publicado: 14 noviembre 2018
Testing ROCOF protection
Detailed guidance on ROCOF testing with the Sverker 900, including information about connections and instrument settings.
Publicado: 14 noviembre 2018
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Testing electric vehicle supply equipment
Most installations require an additional connection to ground at the charging point, so that there is still a form of protection under fault conditions. This connection would be made by an earth spike/electrode driven into the ground.
Publicado: 14 noviembre 2018
Testing for ground faults on storage batteries
Identifying faults in storage batteries can be problematic. Using a test signal frequency in the range 20 Hz to 30 Hz can minimise interruption from ‘phantom’ faults in batteries.
Publicado: 14 noviembre 2018
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