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La biblioteca técnica de Megger ofrece acceso a una amplia gama de contenidos y recursos, tales como guías técnicas, notas aplicativas y mucho más. Cuando usted se registra y crea una cuenta Megger, usted podrá entre otras cosas, registrar su producto y tener acceso a una amplia gama de actualizaciones de software y descarga para su productos.

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TDR basic operation
A TDR (time domain reflectometer) uses the radar principle to identify faults on cables. This paper shows how to operate it correctly.
Publicado: 14 noviembre 2018
Testing 110 V appliances
How to test a range of 110 V appliances using Megger’s PAT4DC/3, PAT300 series and PAT400 series.
Publicado: 14 noviembre 2018
Testing appliances fitted with RCDs
Many appliances today are manufactured with an RCD attached to the supply lead, which can be awkward for the person testing the appliance. This paper looks at the methods of testing appliances fitted with RCDs.
Publicado: 14 noviembre 2018
Storing thermal images with asset maintenance information
Using asset management software together with thermal imaging cameras can result in more cost effective maintenance and fault finding on electrical equipment.
Publicado: 14 noviembre 2018
Structured cable certification tests
Structured cabling (or LAN cabling) is increasingly in its use for business, commercial and domestic purposes and, as such, it’s becoming imperative to make sure they meet industry standards. This paper examines these standards and testing requirements in detail.
Publicado: 14 noviembre 2018
Spring charge motor current measurement
This application note discusses the use of the spring charge motor in the TM1700/1800. The The spring charge motor is employed when springs for Close and Open operations need to be compressed or expanded to store potential energy for next operation. The motor is usually fed from the station internal power supply.
Publicado: 14 noviembre 2018
Stakeless earth/ground testing with DET14C and DET24C clamps
This paper looks at stakeless earth testing, its many uses and its benefits.
Publicado: 14 noviembre 2018
Solar Energy - Part 2 of 3: Programming a PQ Analyser
When examining potential power quality issues associated with solar panels, your power quality analyser should be programmed to examine a variety of different parameters outlined in this application note.
Publicado: 14 noviembre 2018
Solar Energy - Part 3 of 3: Analysing Solar PQ Data
This application note looks at what you should check when analysing the power quality data from a solar panel application.
Publicado: 14 noviembre 2018
Sheath testing for fault location
Water ingress caused by damaged cable sheaths is a leading cause of faults in plastic-sheathed cables. Proper cable maintenance through sheath testing can extend the life of the cable by preventing the long term damage caused by water ingress. This article covers best practices and best equipment to use when sheath testing.
Publicado: 14 noviembre 2018
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