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La biblioteca técnica de Megger ofrece acceso a una amplia gama de contenidos y recursos, tales como guías técnicas, notas aplicativas y mucho más. Cuando usted se registra y crea una cuenta Megger, usted podrá entre otras cosas, registrar su producto y tener acceso a una amplia gama de actualizaciones de software y descarga para su productos.

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Circuit Breaker Online Condition Assessment including 1st trip, DRM and vibration
First trip analysis is a crucial tool to anticipate faults before they become critical, and to minimise disruption. Today’s circuit breaker analysers are very versatile. They can be configured to suit specific requirements, ensuring that users never pay for features they don’t need.
Publicado: 14 noviembre 2018
Working with fault monitors
A look at testing DC bus systems using the BGL/BGFT.
Publicado: 14 noviembre 2018
Using battery test equipment with asset management software
Lost data records can be a problem for major power utilities. Using the right test equipment with modern asset management software can help to ensure that consumers are never without power.
Publicado: 14 noviembre 2018
Wind turbine test leads for low resistance ohmmeter
Robust test leads have been specially designed for low resistance testing of wind turbines. The new leads lead to more accurate and repeatable results.
Publicado: 14 noviembre 2018
TTR calibration and functionality tests
The note describes how to check the TTR calibration using the appropriate calibration box and standards, plus how to check that the different functional tests in the TTR are working.
Publicado: 14 noviembre 2018
UHF PD Diagnosis at high voltage cable terminations
High voltage terminations are essential components in high voltage cable systems. Great reliability is provided by high manufacturing quality and company type testing. However, onsite installations represent a considerable uncertainty for successful service of the system. UHF PD Diagnosis has proven to be a valuable and effective method for measuring high voltage assets because this online measurement is performed at frequencies which are not affected by environmental noise.
Publicado: 14 noviembre 2018
Using a TDR to find cable faults without applying a high voltage
Although you will still need a combination of test instruments including an insulation test set, in the right circumstances, a TDR can sometimes locate cable faults without the need to apply a high voltage to the cable.
Publicado: 14 noviembre 2018
Transformer oil testing for dielectric strength
Vessel preparation and elimination of the effects of moisture and contamination play a major role in successful oil testing. This application note points to the precautions that need to be taken.
Publicado: 14 noviembre 2018
Transformer Winding Resistance Measurement
The measurement of winding resistance is useful in detecting a number of types of fault in a transformer. This application note discusses this in detail.
Publicado: 14 noviembre 2018
Time domain reflectometers - applications
A look at the technology behind the TDR and its many uses.
Publicado: 14 noviembre 2018
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